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I’m going to be jotting some notes to myself about the setting for under the hashtag of . Only popular notes will be visible beyond a month so if the hashtag seems sparse, it means that I haven’t had a Numenra thought in more than a month & so am probably in a coma.

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In the interest of setting a good example, an of me.

This isn't my first Mastodon account (that was but this ( is my first run at being a Mastodon sysadmin.

I work with in a / way for a living. I used to work in doing & before that, . We don't talk about my stint in .

I like & 😈

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Despite all lofty goals, sometimes the toot you have to offer is just like, “I have, a number of teeth? And, I like some of the teeth better than other teeth I guess, and. That’s it.”

Yes, Goblin Mode is word of the year per the OED, but Goblin Mean and Goblin Median are also worth paying attention to.

I was inept with girls in high school. Once I tried to unhook a bra strap and accidentally made a macramé plant hanger.

“I’m sorry, I can’t make it tonight; I’m staying in to add expenses to Concur.”

The dog couldn’t get up on the bed anymore so we built her a ramp and now she can jump 14 beds.

Killing tiny animated monsters. It’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.

"No pussy pic in a week" my investors cry on the floor of NASDAQ. But little do they know I'm encouraging insider trading as we speak

Why did Adele cross the road? To say hello from the other side!

Just checklisting my progress in to a , as one does when reinventing sysops 202. 🙃

The Lynn Creek Cedar — an old-growth giant that’s a short hike near Vancouver.

It’s estimated at 600+ years old.

#ThickTrunkTuesday #TreeTuesday #Vancouver #DestinationHikes #OldGrowth

It's alien hieroglyphics, right?
Tell me it's alien hieroglyphics.
Because if it's from bugs.. 😬

#Trees #Nature #Photography

This week in D&D we:

- found out what we had thrown rocks at
- negotiated a mulligan for our first ever 'killed outright' character (a wizard / old lady whose first instinct was to go melee)
- tore through all our healing potions
- eventually killed 2 to 3 slimes
- discovered there were no cheese sandwiches left
- gave the stink-eye to some orcs
- reached the heady heights of... level 2!

#ttrpg #dand #5e #sandwiches

Trans people are good, Actually & the more there are, the better the world will be.

A gritty reboot of Gilligan’s Island where right off the bat The Professor suggests eating the Howells

@drvolts It’s really of a piece with our political system and other aspects of civil society. The various structures of civilization can’t all be formally/physically protected — society only functions because its members are committed to the system as a whole working. When people are more committed to ideology (or personal gain) than the system itself, one gets unqualified partisan yahoos made SC justices, and other yahoos shutting down the grid.

A single sperm cell has 37.5 megabytes of data, 1 millilitre of sperm contain contains 100 million cells.

Considering the average ejaculation is about 2.25 millilitres of sperm and takes 5 seconds, the average bandwidth of a human penis is 1678 TB.

My shower has heard all of my great comebacks I wish I could’ve said to people during arguments and no one will ever get to hear them.

Front of the Christmas tree in the streets.
Back of the Christmas tree in the sheets.

People coming in sick instead of staying home to isolate and get better is the fault of employers who don’t give employees adequate paid sick leave and foster a toxic hustle culture that pushes people back to work when they are unwell.

#PublicHealth #Labor #WorkersRights #SickPay

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